Art by AdidA
The world of AdidA the Fallen Angel


Having been an outcast throughout most of his life, Adi Khavous also known as Adida Fallen Angel found in art and music a refuge where he truly belongs.

The Art of Love

The Art of Love


.Adida Fallen Angel.

Born in Israel, Adida is an adventurous and insatiable character. Terrified of routine and normality, he has an incredible longing to explore the world and all its different facets. He has been travelling for the past 20 years, spending some time in Brazil, New York, San-Diego, Rotterdam, Berlin, and Paris and has now chosen Montreal to be his newest home.

His acute curiosity also translates in the art he performs. Exceptionally diverse, he is a multi-faceted artist. He went from doing classical art and sketching to exploring photography, cinematography, graphic design and street art and is now getting deeply involved in music and the art of Tattooing.

As a struggling artist, he is faced with many challenges in everyday life. Always wondering how he will be able to pay this month’s rent or if there will be food on the table, he explains that this edgy lifestyle pushes him towards the discovery of new boundaries in his art and forces him to find the energy and strength to surpass himself in everything he does.

“When you push somebody to the corner they usually fight back. Maybe I intentionally push myself to corners to have this energy because that’s where I fight the best.” said Adida.

Having found great guidance in music throughout his life, he wishes his own music to be able to have a similar impact. “Since an early age, I was addicted to music. It gave me answers that most people around me couldn’t give me and the louder and stronger it was, the more I was able to relate to it and express myself.” he said.

With his career taking off, Adida is at a key point in his life but won’t be selling his soul any time soon. He continues to be involved in a vast variety of projects and keeps regular updates about his band and his artworks on his website and all over the virtual social network which he dearly enjoys.

For me, controversy isn’t about instigation, but rather, a way to arrest your audience. It’s a way to plant a little bit of desire in their hearts; a yearning to turn the page and learn more about your idea. Ultimately, it’s about creating memorable images.